At Toulouse

Toulouse, lunch with Lily. I’ve written a bit more on my other blog and with other photos and on one of my two Facebook pages : I have to collect a major painting, on loan to Chateau de Saurs and have a variety of other ‘business’ and good friends to visit,  in this region where … Read more

La Fete

As we emerge from lock down here in Théhillac, France, we had our first ‘social distance’ fete. I discovered the famous ‘#bisous‘ French kiss has been replace by touching elbows ! My neighbour Danielle kindly invited me and our other neighbours for lunch. Such a pleasure to see a beautifully thoughtfully prepared table. Our little … Read more

1788 and a mystery

The French ‘Lapérouse Expedition’ vanished mysteriously in Oceania in 1788.

Their last European contact was with the British ‘First Fleet’ at Botany Bay, #Australia.

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

Added to this web site, a splendid 2000 ish word read about “#Lapérouse The Count and the First Fleet” at Botany Bay a marine painting by Gordon Frickers measures 61 x 91 cm., 7.000, €, £ 6,200.

The first clues of the expeditions fate emerged 60 years later.

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Chateau de Lacroix 98%

98 % completed, “Chateau de Lacroix”, measuring 81 x 5 cms (32” x 23″), oils, available.

Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16
Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16

For the Gaillac exhibition, with
Service Culture de la ville de Gaillac. 80 place d’Hautpoul. 05 63 81 20 19 • culture Gaillac
1 st to 30 December.
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De Saurs underpainting

Château de Saurs beginning to happen, to realise it’s potential. The full story is on my landscape web site This painting will be one of The « Gaillac, surprising vines » series For exhibition 1 st to 20 th December at the invitation of the Municipal de Gaillac with new bio dynamic wines of the region, … Read more

Museum inVINcible VIGNEron opens this week

It is exciting to have started to mark out this painting which many people around Gaillac  having seen The Port Of Chester 1863 print or heard of my research think will be an important contribution to the region.  Port_of_Gaillac_IMG_0189.JPG_wp.JPG

How much more research will be needed to complete this design…? So far this picture you see being to emerge here has been 2 years and 70 hours inn the making and still many vital questions remain unanswered.

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