Do you find trouble rarely arrives alone😳?

Like this for example🤨:
My shower decided to shower upwards while the ceiling paint clearly upset by this and trying to set an good example, started to peel off and shower down.
I’m no plumber however even I know showers are more effective showering down.
Remove the head, let it dry, squeeze the calcium out of each rubber nozzle then soak the head in warm white vinegar for 5 hours.
Important, remember to reattach shower head before trying to take another shower).

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Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson of the Jubilee Sailing Trust needs funds very urgently. The Lord Nelson which was the idea of a school teacher Christopher Rudd. STS Lord Nelson is currently languishing in Bristol docks, named after our most famous disabled sailor. I still have this painting. It’s on this website (see Nelson and Trafalgar) and if … Read more

Prints, Roaring Forties

Roaring Forties today, both pages given a major overhaul making it much easier to buy your copy, your own PRINT, of this fabulous, famous and awesome painting. The first solo nonstop circumnavigation, “Suhaili” & Robin Knox-Johnston, 16 December 1968, deep in “Roaring Forties”, The Great Southern Ocean. Exhibited at the European Parliament, May 2011. Today … Read more

Copyright licence

Trafalgar Dispatch

Copyright licence “I Have Urgent Dispatches”, confirmed today, a limited copyright licence for my famous painting “I Have Urgent Dispatches”. Good news is always welcome is it not? As of today, I’ve confirmed a limited copyright licence for my famous painting “I Have Urgent Dispatches” for use by The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, … Read more

Admiral’s Cup Yachts

Gordon Frickers signature , paintings ©.

Admiral’s Cup Yachts, a spirited painting, racing at it’s most fun, close, tense, both yachts making best speed.

Admiral’s Cup Yachts

40.5 x 61 cm (16″ x 24″) Available, 950 £

One of a series of paintings on my website.

This painting is from Admiral’s Cup observations and sketches I made literally made on the heaving spray soaked fore deck of an official press boat.

A dangerous task which I still think was worth the risk.

I still have those remarkable Admiral’s Cup sketches.

To discover more or buy this painting see ‘Admiral’s Cup Yachtson my website.

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