Trafalgar, Nelson, a return

Trafalgar, Nelson, research

Trafalgar, Nelson, two names and paintings that continue to resound in naval history.

Cape Trafalgar, with collegues Michele Huve, Nichole Poullaouec.

Painting preparations for a new commission 81 x 51 cm 20” x 32” for the best historian on Utube, Drachinifel, of ‘Victory Breaking the Line’ , the most famous moment during the battle of Trafalgar.

Sharing with you the excitement of researching what really happened at Trafalgar, with Nelson and HMS Victory, breaking the line.

Trafalgar, Nelson, research
Trafalgar, Nelson, research a table and box of documents

The most famous moment in the long history of HMS Victory’s launched May 7, 1765.

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Copyright licence

Trafalgar Dispatch

Copyright licence “I Have Urgent Dispatches”, confirmed today, a limited copyright licence for my famous painting “I Have Urgent Dispatches”. Good news is always welcome is it not? As of today, I’ve confirmed a limited copyright licence for my famous painting “I Have Urgent Dispatches” for use by The Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, … Read more

Nelson’s Frigates

Nelson’s Frigates, a progress report on this painting which is maturing nicely when compared with October past when I last showed the painting’s progress. 53 x 91.5 cm (21″ x 36″) Nelson’s Frigates for sale, available when completed, soon, good painting takes time, great painting takes longer. Offers from £ 14,000. This frigate action A Nelson moment an … Read more

Trafalgar News

HMS Pickle, “I Have Urgent Dispatches ’63 x 91  cm (28″ x 36”), contrasting communication in 1805 and now, one of my best known paintings.

Trafalgar Dispatch
I Have Urgent Dispatches, as a print

Available and as a fine art print from £ 177., from my Print Gallery page.

HMS ‘Pickle’, signalling “I have Urgent Dispatches”.

This is a race, this is not yachting.

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 Trafalgar, ‘First Shots’, 12.00. 76 x 1220 cm (30″ x 48″), £15,000, available, from this website. HMS Victory, battle of Trafalgar, ranging shots, the first hole in her fore topsail, the French and Spanish had found the range, the battle began in earnest. This painting is one of “The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection Series”. Painting … Read more


‘Nelson’s Column’, Monday, 21 st October, 1805. Nelson’s Column off Cape Trafalgar, Nelson leading from the front, his flagship HMS Victory leading, approximately 11.00, 35 x 121 cm (14″ x 48″), £ 12,000. Painting from ship’s logs, diaries, letters and the Admiralty Committee Report on Trafalgar for the King, 1911. Marine art by Gordon Frickers, … Read more

Trafalgar Dawn

Trafalgar dawn, The French Perspective, a definitive painting. “Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective”, 06.15, shown here as a print. 30 x 1210 cm (12″ x 48″), available, the original painting £ 12,000. As seen from the French flagship Beaucenture at approximately 06.15 Monday 21st October 1805, the British fleet of Lord Nelson off Cape Trafalgar. … Read more

Trafalgar Dawn

Trafalgar Dawn marine painting at it's best

“Trafalgar Dawn”, an awesome haunting painting, marine painting at its best ! Monday, 21st October, 06.05 and this painting places you with the men on board H.M.S. Victory, Nelson’s flagship seeing the “Trafalgar Dawn”. Available as a superb fine art print, on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing, signed, numbered, P&P … Read more


Racehorse, HM Sloop Racehorse come to my mind

as we pass the September equinox here, we have already had our first gale and another is imminent.

H M Sloop Racehorse (detail)

I’m reminded of the voyage of HMS Racehorse in particular the September and October storms she endured, eventually making he way to a safe port.

This painting is a detail from…/the…/hms-racehorse/ “Nelson & Racehorse“.

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