European Parliament, Exposition a la Parlement Européen and adventures North

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgThe exhibition of The Art of Gordon Frickers a collection of marine paintings at the European Parliament continues today which is also my birthday.

My view is birthdays should be fun, my last few have not been – so how to make it so?

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The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. Anyone got photos of the BI Chantala?

The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. ship Chantala, a marine painting?

I’ve been asked, I would paint the BI ship Chintala”. ~ Chantala ~ I have a phone call coming in later today asking ?

I have painted quite a few BI ships including one for Robin Knox-Johnston who started his amazing career and adventures on Dumra.

You can see examples of my merchant ship marine paintings on web page

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Victory and other historic Marine News

I have been speaking to Peter Goodwin, Curator and Keeper of HMS Victory and author of numerous definitive books on historic marine subjects.PG___GF_IMG_6503_wp.jpg

Peter is very concerned that there are structural problems in Victory caused by poor repairs and the committees responsible are not listening to him …

Thus I was able to bring Peter some moral support and light relief with some marine news.

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Wishing a Merry Christmas

This is to wish you a sincere Merry Christmas and to copy my latest newsletter for those unable to receive the News Letter from me, Itzac_eglise_IMG_6583_wp.jpg

Some of you will not have received my email Christmas card and new Christmas News letter, copy below.

Reasons for this include bounced and blocked emails (more on that below).

The Internet can be bizarre, I’d had a reply from Robin Knox-Johnston, star of my “Roaring Forties” painting, then got an, INVALID RECIPIENT message re the address!

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Paris, a month would fly by!

This time it was to be the train to Paris then major on the Metro. I attended a  UKTI / British Marine Federation Showcase at The Ambassador’s Residence,  research at Musee Maritime, Paris,  the main focus of this all to brief visit to a magnificent city.   Paris_from_Montmatre_IMG_6509_d.jpg

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Do you have any information on Unique?

I wonder if you, kind reader, can help with photos and history of HM Submarine “Unique“, or her sister boats, or at least point me in the right direction?
I wish to paint Unique as a gift for my friend Chris Boddington.
A modest token of my appreciation for him generously sharing his beautiful studio with me.

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