Titanic in Print

Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour, it looks like this remarkable painting will be offered this year as a print in a choice of three sizes. 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″) this definitive replica painting, soon to be offered in print in a choice of 3 sizes, is for sale, available. No reasonable offer refused.   … Read more

Titanic’s palette

One of my palettes 61 x 91 cm (24″ x 36″),  as used while painting ‘The Titanic Twins”,
An amusement for you, something to ponder, ‘artist to artist’ 😀
Titanic, ‘Plymouth Harbour’, a palette
If you buy this extraordinary palette I’ll sign and verify this for you.
£ / , / U. S. $, 500.

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#Titanic‘s voyage was soon over, my two paintings sail on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story.
Your Titanic “Plymouth Harbour” a palette offered for the first and only time, an investment opportunity of a life time.
Meticulously reproduced, this is the largest most prominent painting lost with the ‘Titanic’, a masterpiece commissioned by White Star Line.

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Titanic at Speed

Titanic at Speed, : ask people to name a ship, #Titanic is probably the most widely known ship name today. This #painting measures 38.5 x 48 cm (15 1/4″ x 19″), oil on board, yours for £1,500, an excellent investment for you. I’ve reworked this painting I made in 2012, it’s the only ‘Titanic’ painting I still have … Read more

Titanic’s progress

“Plymouth Harbour” was displayed in Titanic’s main salon, the “First Class Smoking Room”.
My replica is nearing completion.
This new painting will become part of the short life and long history of the ‘Titanic’.
My Titanic ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ is as accurate a representation as the newest research can make it, of what was the largest and most prominent master piece on board ‘Titanic’.

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