Halloween is or was the pagan festival for the dead?

Castelnau de Montmiral is one of the last places I’d expect evil spirits. It is a beautiful, tranquil ancient hill top “Bastide” village. One of Les Plus beaux villages de France.

If there are any evil spirits

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The marine world has lost a champion.

Commander Mike Gilbert, Royal Navy, Mike Gilbert Chief Exec Mount Batten Watersports Centre, Mike Gilbert President of Maritime Plymouth.

I was aware Mike had stood down as Chairman of Maritime Plymouth last May.
I was unaware until today that Mike died recently.

I am very deeply saddened to hear we have lost Mike. The marine world and Maritime Plymouth in particular has lost a champion.

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Stange things happen on computers…

Mysterious happenings on my desktop computer

Wow, what a difference, I’d never go back!

Last week I treated my desktop PC to a new monitor/screen.  I changed my 17″ screen for the latest thing according to their web site, from AMU, a 22″ flat screen.

The 5 year old 17″ was ceremoniously retired and replaced with a shinny new 22″ flat screen built by AMU


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“I have urgent dispatches” picture in a new book; “I am a maritime historian and have been contracted to write a huge-format (about the size of an atlas) illustrated book on fighting ships 1750-1850. I am keen to include contemporary art and I am a great admirer of your image of the Pickle coming back after Trafalgar”.

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