HMS Formidable, 1942 – Seafires returning, following a post on Twitter by author David J B Smith on a related subject,  page thoroughly updated. The original was commissioned by a lady whose husband was on Formidable for 4 years, the linked ‘further reading’ page is a remarkable insight. This painting provided the link that won a unique invitation to exhibit at the European Parliament May 2011, the first marine artist invited.

HMS Formidable
HMS Formidable

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The Trafalgar Collection

“Trafalgar Dawn“; page updated, image improved and linked to the new Trafalgar Collection. This painting is still available for a bit longer as a signed numbered print. Impressive in its own right, particularly as the large version, “Trafalgar Dawn” makes an awesome presentation when paired with it’s twin, “Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective”.

Upgrade image

Here is a sneak preview and here is the web site page link, enjoy The problem is over time older digital images degrade. As mentioned a few days ago “The Clipper Way”, available as a co signed by the illustrious Robin Knox-Johnston, numbered print has been re photographed and the web site images updated, 

Two pages thoroughly updated

 “Roaring Forties“, the iconic, famous, a classic painting, web site page now thoroughly updated, more and easier to read, this picture is available as a ‘Heritage’ quality signed (by Sir Robin and the artist) numbered print priced from £147.00 including postage.    “Rajula at Madras“, a classic ship, a classic painting, web site page now thoroughly … Read more

“”The Grand Plan””

I’ve been busy with aspects of what Michael Baker named “”The Grand Plan””. I’ve been mostly busy with bits that relate to the web site.  “”Grand Plan””? Six years ago Michael Baker and I decided we needed a to plan a way forward for The Art of Gordon Frickers and his web site/s. We quickly realised the artwork strategy would be global (via the Internet) and the potential value of products we have to offer is in excess of 6 million pounds retail price.

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