Chic or what?

Château de Mayragues
Chic or what?
Château de Mayragues
Château de Mayragues
Not many people 😶 can offer their guests fine rare wines and have a painting of the château on their dinning room wall.
Chateau de Mayragues
Chateau de Mayragues
I can, you could 😃🙂 by buying paintings and following my wine recommendations.

 53 x 81 cm (21” x 32”), available, £2,500.

yours now £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase Now < via Paypal, in any currency, or in instalments by arrangement, contact Gordon Frickers.

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Mayragues, Château, Castle

Today’s agenda included a visit to the 12 th century Château Mayrages. Also to see my friend, proprietor Alan Geddes, in part to buy some of their fabulous wine. 53 x 81 cm (21” x 32”), available £ 2,000, Discover more via my page ‘Gaillac Chataeux’ Mayragues is documented to have been wine making … Read more

Chinese Nosh up

Time for a proper meal, which are your favourites?

Following on a succession of ’emergency suppers’ due to being over tired this evening I made a nice chicken sweet n sour with lightly stir fried veggies, mostly bamboo shoots and bean sprouts with ‘Imperial gold’ Basmati rice made the Iranian way with slight Frickers G ‘improvements’.

As usual I made to much nosh, any volunteers to help eat this?

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Huge success !

Fin du festival des lanternes de Gaillac avec un record de 425.000 spectateurs   Le Musée “inVINcible VIGNEron” near #Gaillac, S W #France has my original 2 m painting [copyright still mine] on permanent display which inspired several of the Chinese artists. Visit, enjoy ! Discover The Port of Gaiilac 1863 painting and the story … Read more


This is where Matt and I are staying, after a day at St Emilion, story on my other web site blog, we are very near Gaillac to we become Gaillacois Tarn. I had called Herve to ask if he could recommend a gite or modest hotel. Bless him he insisted we stay in his home. … Read more

New Saint Emilion

 Saint Emilion, the sentinel ‘King’s Tower’, a new modern classic, completed yesterday.

St Emilion, King’s Tower,

One of the “Bordeaux Famous Wine Villages” Collection.

“The King’s Tower“, measures 40 x 61 cm (16″ x 24″), oils, by Gordon Frickers, modestly priced at £ 1,100.

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Payments may be made by instalments.

Contact US T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 ~ E: Important ! please substitute ‘at’ for @: 

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Your Last chance…

Tomorrow I drive towards my ‘second’ home’; Castelnau de Montmiral. To dismantle after mid day 30 th, a much praised exhibition. At the Espace Culturale, Gaillac, comments included M. Soriano’s : “total commitment”, “Tarn lucky to have this artist” etc, invitation of the Gaillac Municipal, closes mid day 30 th Dec. After which I’ll dismantle … Read more

Up and running

Aujourd’hui j’ai terminé la mise en place de l’exposition à Gaillac. La réception sera demain (vendredi) de 18h00 à 21h00. A very rare moment in the life of this artist, up and running. Today I completed setting up the exhibititon in Gaillac. The reception will be tomorrow (Friday) 18.00 to 21.00 A few photos to … Read more