Hervé Boitel

Artist to artist, I have the great pleasure of staying with my friend Hervé Boitel, next time I will be painting. An idyllic setting in a deep and wooded valley at Cassanis, Gaillacois Tarn in S W France, eating and drinking well together wide ranging conversations with my widely read intellectual, poetic friend, his family … Read more

At Toulouse

Toulouse, lunch with Lily. I’ve written a bit more on my other blog and with other photos and on one of my two Facebook pages : https://artfrickers.com/blog/2020/06/24/toulouse-france/ I have to collect a major painting, on loan to Chateau de Saurs and have a variety of other ‘business’ and good friends to visit,  in this region where … Read more

Joséphine de Saint Seine, artist, Painter, 2 exhibitions

Regarding Josephine De Saint Seine, artist, friend and painter based at Marseille: by way of helping a fellow artist, painter here is a bit of news…

Josephine prépare 2 expositions, en Mai à la Galerie Mourlot à Marseille, en Novembre à la galerie El Borj à Tunis…..

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