Painting in rain

rain painting, storm clearing

You want a very special painting? Don’t miss ‘Painting Rain’! 40 x 50 cm (15¾” x 19¾”). For sale, available, offers from 2000£. You’ve found two here, these paintings were made on successive days. Discover my website page ‘Painting Rain‘, ( ). Painting Rain You’ve found two paintings here, these paintings were made on … Read more

Christmas carols are coming

Christmas and snow are coming to Castelnau de Montmiral, here is a pop up pic from last year.  CDM_Christmas_tree_IMG_0130_d.JPG

The soprano (Dutch) Alexandra Elizinga will be singing with an English choir at  an Anglo French carol service Friday the 16 th (19.00 ish) in the beautiful ancient church, a marvelous setting.

The following day, the 17 th is scheduled as a special market day, Marche de Noël and will include carols sung in the centre of the village beside the Christmas tree.

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Festive season and The Grand Plan.

At Castelnau de Montmiral the national holiday and festive continues with a special fiore de miel (market) all day in the village, the best I have seen here for local products and an evening meal under a full moon, all very popular and attracting more tourists than I have seen before in one day in this village.  Marche_IMG_1705_d.JPG

MB_working_IMG_1715_d.JPG Meanwhile it is all work work work here as Michael Baker, you can see here how hard he is working, finger on the touch pad,  and I brace up the web site, new home page, new Print gallery page – easier to use, and chase down many other details not least of which is furthering “The Grand Plan“.

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Fete de musique de Castelnau de Montmiral

This week end is a long vacation for most of France. CdM_fete_IMG_1660_d.JPG

A national holiday celebrated at Castelnau de Montmiral with free music, dance, a special open air market all day on Monday and of course good food and drink.

CdM_fete_IMG_1675_d.JPG The week end sets sail this warm evening, still 24 C at 23.00 hrs, with party time under a full moon on the Esplanade.

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