Concept sketches

Mauretania paintings

Concept sketch, what is that😶?

Mauretania, Liverpool
Mauretania, concept sketch 1
Many of my most famous paintings started as concept sketches.
I’ll write more on this interesting subject over the coming month🙂.
In brief, a concept sketch can be anything from a ‘doodle’ to a near finished drawing, produced to explore ideas, composition and tones for a possible painting and very helpful when discussing a possible commission🙂.
Mauretania, concept sketch 2

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Further Reading about The "Mauretania"

The "Mauretania" Mauretania’s usual ports of call were, Liverpool, Southampton, Plymouth, Le Harve,  Queenstown (now Cobh) & New York. She restored the prestige of the British Merchant Marine & Cunard in particular.

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