Black Lives Matter?

Drake and slavery

Knocking down statues has become the ‘in’ thing among part of our population.

Now- Wow we have a proposal to knock off Sir Francis Drake, remove his statue from Plymouth Hoe.

'Golden Hinde'
Drake’s ‘Golden Hinde’

If you disagree I suggest you sign the petition to keep the statue on site in place.

We might as well knock down the Pyramids as they were allegedly built by slave labour.

Such vandalism would be bad for tourism !

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The Golden Hinde – dread pirate

Golden Hinde

Drake’s voyage between 1577 and 1580 made his reputation and a fortune.


Golden Hinde
The Golden Hinde

A little gem of a painting like this 20 x 25 cm, (8 x 10″) so
won’t cost a fortune and you will, then have an original ‘Gordon Frickers’.

Pure piracy? Naah, rather, good very good value !

The Golden Hinde voyage remains one of the most extraordinary adventures of all time combining many of the ingredients of a best selling story.
Francis Drake was a Devon man who captained the “Golden Hinde” (pronounced – ˈhind’) (or Golden Hind), an English “Race Galleon” type of ship out of Plymouth England to become the first Captain and the First English captain to circumnavigate the globe.

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