Européen Parlement Exposition, Retour Interdit ~ return forbidden

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgMy host and children are looking a bit healthier so after taking the youngest to school in my English car I’m away from Amsterdam by 09.30 heading for another rendez – vous at the European Parliament Exhibition which Phil Ball, this time to close the exhibition.

I’m told we have been lucky, this has been the busiest week in the buildings this year and some 500 people have viewed this show, many taking booklets.

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Last call for an invitation to attend the European Parliament Exhibition

By way of reminder, this is a unique event, the first time a marine artist has been invited and the first time some of the more significant paintings of The Art of Gordon Frickers have been show ensemble.

If you can pass the story to your regional media  of the European Parliament Exhibition that would be very helpful. EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpg

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An invitation for an invitation

A unique art event in the heart of Europe. European Parliament Exhibition news, I am very excited by the Brussels EP Expo opportunity not because I think I will sell paintings but because it is a chance to write to many significant people too make them aware of The Art of Gordon Frickers, editors, Mayors, captains of industry, all sorts, who do you suggest?

The EP Expo will  be called “life on the ocean wave” and is scheduled to open on the 23 of May at 17.00, preview by invitation so if you want to see this exhibition of marine paintings specially assembled for the occasion this is your invitation to apply for an invitation!

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Super yachts and Admiral Nelson

Busy in the studio today.

I have some ideas to sketch re the possible marine commission I mentioned yesterday, but first, Admiral Nelson and super yachts.  Superyacht_sketches_IMG_6681_wp.jpg

I have several marine paintings in advance planning at present and several being sketched out including this one intended to be of a big superyacht (motor), with other yachts at dusk in Porto Fino but which yachts?

Want to nominate suitable superyachts?

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