Saturday eve & C 19

Saturday evening, so what where you doing?

To and from the Atlantic Ocean
I had a change of hair style.
I went to La plage de la Mine d’Or, la Côte Sauvage,
La plage de la Mine d’Or, la Côte Sauvage
la commune de Pénestin,
Hair style August 2020
that is, the beach of Mine of Gold, on the Coast Savage, Community of Pénestin.

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La Fete

As we emerge from lock down here in Théhillac, France, we had our first ‘social distance’ fete. I discovered the famous ‘#bisous‘ French kiss has been replace by touching elbows ! My neighbour Danielle kindly invited me and our other neighbours for lunch. Such a pleasure to see a beautifully thoughtfully prepared table. Our little … Read more

French breath

Dear Sir/Madam,

Road safety campaigner Chantal Perrichon welcomed the new measures as “going on the right road – I disagree, these are blanket measures which encroach on the freedoms of the responsible majority are anti social, unworkable and in some cases dangerous.

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Ancient village rocked til the early hours!

The week end just passed is a big event in France, 90 % of shops shut. I was not allowed to buy one single drink…  CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5937_wp.jpg

You might think this an odd place 3 hours drive inland to find a marine artist, to create marine art?    CdM_sat_eve_IMG_5943_wp.jpg

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