Drawing and design

Drawing the birth of a new painting, shown here for those of you who like to follow the painting process and progress. These drawings are concept sketches created while developing ideas with my client. You are witnessing the birth of a new painting, developing via sketches, a painting that is quite likely to become locally … Read more

Chinese Nosh up

Time for a proper meal, which are your favourites?

Following on a succession of ’emergency suppers’ due to being over tired this evening I made a nice chicken sweet n sour with lightly stir fried veggies, mostly bamboo shoots and bean sprouts with ‘Imperial gold’ Basmati rice made the Iranian way with slight Frickers G ‘improvements’.

As usual I made to much nosh, any volunteers to help eat this?

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Representing France

A major event, THE festival of Lanterns.
If you possibly can, visit this fete on show for the third and last time at Gaillac.

Fete des Lanternes

This is nothing less than Gaillacois Tarn representing all France to China and vice versa.
Previously the Chinese have always chosen major cities, Toronto, Hamburg, Boston and San Francisco USA and so on.

This year this festival, unique in Europe opens 1 st December for 2 months.

Le site internet officiel = https://festivaldeslanternes-gaillac.fr/ ainsi que la page Facebook officielle = https://www.facebook.com/Festival-des-Lanternes-Gaillac-313632982438151/

Fete des Lanternes

The mayor of Gaillac made a brilliant, inspiring speech.

The evening included lavishing wines, foods and a disco on guests

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Chateau de Lacroix 98%

98 % completed, “Chateau de Lacroix”, measuring 81 x 5 cms (32” x 23″), oils, available.

Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16
Chateau De Lacroix, near completed, 09.10.16

For the Gaillac exhibition, with www.ville-gaillac.fr/culture/saison-culturelle
Service Culture de la ville de Gaillac. 80 place d’Hautpoul. 05 63 81 20 19 • culture Gaillac
1 st to 30 December.
Discover more on http://artfrickers.com/gaillac/chateau-de-lacroix/ 

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Chateau Meyragues update

The story updated, latest pictures today, whole story on www.artfrickers.com One of The « Gaillac, surprising vines » series.    You are cordially invited to enjoy the fun and facination of following The Art of Gordon Frickers on his blog and or https://www.facebook.com/gordon.frickers

The quay(s) to Gaillac – what do you know?

The Quay to Gaillac – research – a proposed text for regional journals.

Our aim is to more fully understand the appearance of the Gaillac Quay at its zenith in order for the citizens and visitors to better appreciate Gaillac.

Formerly the quay was the life blood of the Gaillacios, the principal reason for Gaillac’s existence.

If you have time you could help by circulating, blog and generally publish this request for information including to any other suitable press, thank you.

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Girl in a barrel

Friends some times ask me why am I living so far from the sea when I am a marine art specialist and  a “man of the sea? The full answer is complex. Part of the reason is the light is excellent for marine paintings. Another part is it is fun here. I never know what … Read more