TODAY ~ * Exhibition of The Art of Gordon Frickers * ~ at The European Parliament

EP_logo_2_JPEG.jpgHere we go to set up and attend the reception for “Life on the Ocean Wave“, THE long awaited exhibition at the European Parliament of The Art of Gordon Frickers.

You only exhibit at the European Parliament by invitation.

Invitations are rare. Few artists are invited.

This day I drive  to Brussels from my secure overnight parking at Watten provided by my good friends Gilles and Bridgitte Baffy. Gilles_et_Brigitte_IMG_0952.JPG

If you were so unfortunate as to miss this event there are lots of photos with this article; enjoy a first ever event, the largest collection of The Art of Gordon Frickers ever shown and a moment in art history, a great evening, wonderful recognition and an endorsement, an honour for all the artists who work in this discipline.

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