HMS Pickle, a Leading Seaman wrote to me today.

He has in Royal Navy speak been tasked to conduct a presentation on HMS Pickle as part of a command leadership programme to be given to senior officers.  72_dpi_dispatches_with_texts__1_.png

My connection with HMS Pickle goes back a long way and includes a lengthy commission for HMS Victory which resulted in some great pictures (several available as heritage prints from page

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Filming and fetes, painting and music

An unexpected beer with Jean-Marie Boin at lunch time today has thrown into chaos plans Michael Baker and I had for today…

Results included information about a new type of movie camera, ideal for use with U Tube, on web sites and being reminded that tonight is the first night of the famous fete de Vaour.

Jean Marie Domaine_Barry_IMG_1513_d.JPG(on the right in the photo here with Francis ands Alain Maroule) wants to make a film about The Art of Gordon Frickers, how I work and has already started filming sequences that may be useful.

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Trafalgar and France

Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective.

Today, I have been working mostly on the remarque drawing which will as per the view of “Trafalgar Dawn” from HMS Victory (available as a signed print from page appear in the margin with the ships on the horizon individually named in order; you do remember HMS Victory?Victory_stb_side_e_IMG_1884.JPG

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It's Pickle party Night!

His Britannic Majesty’s armed schooner Pickle, HMS Pickle to most of us, conveying the news of the Battle of Trafalgar fought on the 21st October 1805 and the death of the British hero Nelson arrived off Falmouth, Cornwall, England on the 4th of November 1805.

This date has given rise to Pickle Night, originally an excuse for Royal Navy CPO’s at Portsmouth  to commemorate Trafalgar, increasingly an excuse world wide to party, and why not?urgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpg

The renowned painting, available in print from page have urgent dispatches” is one of 2 Pickle paintings Gordon Frickers produced while commissioned to work for HMS Victory, helping to raise funds for the restoration of the HMS Victory.

Thus this famous picture reproduced in several authoritative books and many newspapers, has several themes, sub plots including communication:

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New marine paintings

Trafalgar and Nelson
Trafalgar Dawn 2 has finally started to appear on the canvas!!!

A picture showing the progress will appear on this blog soon.
This new painting will make a pair to go with the now renowned “Trafalgar
“, a view from among the crew onboard HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday the
21st of October 1805 and based on eye witness reports and research.

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The Boats that built Britain, BBC 2 documentary, HMS Pickle

Great fun yesterday: the Forum Films having discovered me via this web site because of my renowned marine picture “I have urgent dispatches” and because of  my friend Ann Maddever (a decendant of the commander of HMS PicklePickle_detail_Lt_Lapentiore__commander..png made a documentary series “The Boats that built Britain” series narrated by Tom Cunliffe which was broadcast prime time (20.30) last Saturday.

If you live in GB you can see the programme via the BBC web site on their Ipod and you can add a copy of “I have urgent dispatches” to your collection quickly and securely on page

The latter also gives you acces via “further reading” to much of the brief yet facinating history of the historic and famous schooner Pickle.

Unfortunately I only found out an hour before the happening via a very kind friend so have not seen it.

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