Musée Lapérouse


The Musée Lapérouse in Albi and my painting of the famous explorer Lapérouse, his ships and their great adventure.

A story I have been meaning to relate for the past couple of years.

Musée Laperouse

I am prompted by the pleasure of Philippe De Laperouse, a descendent living in the USA connecting with me via Facebook.

This painting is at the time of my writing, the only meticulously researched, accurate portrayal of the Lapérouse and First Fleet ships and the approach to Botany Bay, the only authentic representation of the scene.

Ships of Lapérouse
Ships of Lapérouse, an example of a crewman’s  drawing.

Consequently the museum staff asked to see my painting of “Lapérouse Entering Botany Bay” so I left the painting with them for a few days.

Lapérouse Museum
Musée Lapérouse

I was told they would love to add this work of art to their display however the museum was in the process of moving to larger premises thus no funds were available; then along came Covid 19 … 

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1788 and a mystery

The French ‘Lapérouse Expedition’ vanished mysteriously in Oceania in 1788.

Their last European contact was with the British ‘First Fleet’ at Botany Bay, #Australia.

Laperouse entering Botany Bay

Added to this web site, a splendid 2000 ish word read about “#Lapérouse The Count and the First Fleet” at Botany Bay a marine painting by Gordon Frickers measures 61 x 91 cm., 7.000, €, £ 6,200.

The first clues of the expeditions fate emerged 60 years later.

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A diplomatic, request

South America/Pacific cruise ships and Lapérouse.
An unusual, diplomatic, request to use one of my paintings.
Lapérouse who was the French answer to the immortal Captain James Cook.
I researched and painted “Lapérouse and the First Fleet”. That was the first time anyone had rendered the ships correctly while many artists tried and failed.
Laperouse entering Botany Bay

The following is quoted with the author’s kind permission.

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Lapérouse ships, their true appearance & Botany bay:

Of Lapérouse, his ships, their arrival at Botany Bay…  It is Trafalgar Day and I’m working on a French ship???Laperouse_entering_Botany_Bay_IMG_5687.JPG_c.JPG_d.JPG

I varnished an ‘old friend’ today in preperation for its storage… “Lapérouse Entering Botany Bay” is not yet on my web site.

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Laperouse entering Botany bay, oil sketch

By a huge coincidence, an extraordinary chance meeting, the ships of Laperouse encounter the First Fleet, some under weigh, others still at anchor as they prepare to move to Port Jackson to start in earnest a colony at Sydney Cove.

Working from original fine quality drawings made by of their ships by the French officers, their journals and the journals of the British we have here a representation of the French ships quite unlike the work of any other marine artist. Laperouse_arriving_at_Botany_Bay___sketch_IMG_0872_d.JPG

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Laperouse entering Botany Bay Australia

I am marking out 3 paintings this morning, “Mermaids Pool Kynance Cove“, “Antibes Bay” and “Laperouse entering Botany Bay  Australia“.
The Latter scene shows the ships of Laperouse based on the only drawings my extensive research has revealed  made by eye witnesses in his crew, of the 2 ships.
Laperouse was the French answer to Captain James Cook.
Laperouse visit to Botany bay was remarkable and his last contact with Europeans. Laperouse_Sketch_IMG_0855_d.JPG

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Last Monday I crossed the English Channel and now I need a new studio…

I sailed on 19,500 tons of  Brittany Ferries new “Amourique” then stayed my first night near Redon.
I have the keys to a friends house where I often help out while passing through, then eventually found my way back to Itzac in the Tarn, Midi Pyrenees.Geoff_n_Wendy_HouseIMG_5767_wp.jpg
I have been mostly cleaning my house since. How do so many spiders and so much dust get in a closed house ~ and 3 frogs in the bathroom?
The picture of my cottage was taken last year before the house warming but balloons apart the place has not changed much for 50 years and was in 1825 the village forge.Soir_de_la_Fete__ma_maison_IMG_4606_wp.jpg
Yesterday re started painting, a large landscape painting and a marine painting, a new “Trafalgar Dawn”.

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Gibraltar, Nelson, HMS Minerve, HMS Captain, Laperouse and riddles

Gibraltar, Nelson, HMS Minerve, HMS Captain is beginning to reveal how the final marine painting will look.

There have been some significant developments in this marine painting  including Gordon Frickers is able to be the first, here to show  some results of collaboration, new research into the quality of the bright yellow preferred by Nelson on his ships, more on that below…Gib_06.03.10_IMG_6964_d.jpg

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