Valentine's day? Ice Maiden, last orders please!

Women on Valentine’s day – Another copy of ‘Ice Maiden‘ has sold, one of the last available, showing the record breaking yacht ‘Maiden’ with her all women crew in the Southern Ocean.

The renowned yacht ‘Maiden’ is the subject of a high quality print ordered with a remarque and framed for Mr. JS of Canterbury who wrote “now keen as mustard, space ready and waiting on wall” then upon arrival of the marine print “Print has arrived and looks fantastic, thank you“.

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Racing Yachts Marine Paintings, Marine Photography

I still find photographing marine art, well, any paintings, stressful.

I am yet to find a camera or film that always makes a good job of this even under ideal conditions and worse, some paintings are more difficult to copy than others, why?

Ice_Maiden_06.03.10_IMG_6982_d.jpgI have just re photographed two of the largest major marine paintings in my collection, “Ice Maiden” ( see page for a limited edition copy) and “Yamaha“,Yamaha_painting_2_IMG_6975_d.jpg also the new painting “Racing Yachts“.

So where is the problem?

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Paris, a month would fly by!

This time it was to be the train to Paris then major on the Metro. I attended a  UKTI / British Marine Federation Showcase at The Ambassador’s Residence,  research at Musee Maritime, Paris,  the main focus of this all to brief visit to a magnificent city.   Paris_from_Montmatre_IMG_6509_d.jpg

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