Further Reading about Zeven Provinciën, elements of the Dutch Fleet

Zeven Provinciën, elements of the Dutch Fleet

The original ship

“Zeven Provinciën” fought the English repeatedly during the Anglo-Dutch wars, being involved at all the major actions including the Four Days battle & the raid on the Medway & Thames.

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The story about "Zeven Provinciën", Royal Netherlands Navy

"Zeven Provinciën", Royal Netherlands Navy

“Zeven Provinciën”

A  very fine painting of this Eighty gun Ship of the Line, full size replica now building at the Batavia Wherf,  Leylastad, in the Netherlands.

The original plan was to produce prints, the sale of which would support this amazing project. At that time it was not possible to produce small print runs economically (it is now).

Collect your signed numbered copy of this beautiful painting using Paypal from page http://www.frickers.co.uk/prints.html 

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