Plymouth Emigration Depot

Plymouth, emigration

‘Plymouth Emigration’, I thought I’d finished this mysterious moonlight painting. 

Plymouth, emigration
Emigration Plymouth, 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), offers from £15000.

How many times have you watched a full moon rise, how many painters, photographers and film makers have attempted to capture those elusive moon beams and the so subtle colours of a night sky?

Moon light, zephorial light, attempted by many including some of the great masters, the great majority, unsuccessfully.

Recently, while painting moonrise over the ‘Haut Medoc and the Gironde Estuary’, ideas, inspiration began to form.

I found myself pondering a major repaint of my already applauded ‘Emigration, Plymouth’.

A question formed :

“is it possible to take ‘Plymouth Emigration’ to a new level or will I risk ruining ‘Plymouth Emigration’?”

My wish is that someone buys ‘Plymouth Emigration’, this historic painting for the people of Plymouth City.

Probably not, after all the city of Chester missed out with the magnificent ‘Port of Chester 1863’ which went elsewhere to a private buyer.

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Painting SOLD

Sirius, detail

Another fine painting SOLD and delivered A painting about change, exhibited as were 29 others of my paintings, at the European Parliament, May 2011. The first all steam powered Atlantic crossing.     In this painting the paddle steamer “Sirius” is being overhauled by the ‘crack’ Liverpool clipper “Dreadnought” ~ but history remembers better the … Read more

Invest Now? …

Invest Now? …

The times they are a changing, so I’m offering you more choice.

Artist, painter, Gordon Frickers
Gordon Frickers 2009

£/€, the pound sterling is now worth less than a Euro so I’m making arrangements for you to purchase using £ or by both the most popular easy methods, bank to bank and on my web site via PayPal.

This change is because:

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how capitalism has and is driving

 Possible projects include a Laperouse painting, one or 2 on the theme of Nelson and Trafalgar (because the Victory 2005 series are about to become available for sale, I will write the story here soon) a further famous wine village series this time involving more working people in the paintings,  and I have a new idea that relates to paintings about some of the big issues of our times.

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Gallerie Marin, Appledore, will reopen – Audrey Hinks told me this week.

Gallerie Marin (Market St, Appledore, N. Devon) reopening is great news for Audrey’s clients and artists including me, Gordon Frickers.
In my view Audrey Hinks is a great “people person”, one of the very, very few gallery owners who acts with total integrity with her clients and her artists.

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