"HMS Pickle approaching the Lizard"

Anne M wrote: Thanks for your news and the pictures, they are very all good. I particularly like :–
Pickle approaching the Lizard “
Do you intend to produce both? (Yes we willproduce at least one, Heritage quality on canvas, price inc courier from £157.00 – you can oder from this web site page http://www.frickers.co.uk/blog/making-a-payment/ )

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HM Schooner Pickle, cousin Jack to cousin Jack

The schooner Pickle, famed for racing the Trafalgar dispatches to England; I am working on a new painting of the schooner Pickle as she passed Mounts Bay Cornwall in light early morning airs.
Pickle is reputed to have spoken with fishing luggers who raced the news to the port of Mousehole where allegedly the Trafalgar news was first announced. I’m going to try and contact some of the Cornish lugger people.72_dpi_I_have_urgent_dispatches.jpg

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HMS Pickle, a Leading Seaman wrote to me today.

He has in Royal Navy speak been tasked to conduct a presentation on HMS Pickle as part of a command leadership programme to be given to senior officers.  72_dpi_dispatches_with_texts__1_.png

My connection with HMS Pickle goes back a long way and includes a lengthy commission for HMS Victory which resulted in some great pictures (several available as heritage prints from page

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Nelson's Pickle, first news of a new painting due soon

dispatches_with_texts__1_.pngFollowing a recent order for a large copy of the picture HMS Pickle carrying the news of Trafalgar including a remarque I wrote the following to describe the remaque and reveal a little known but interesting piece of history.


The picture in question is “I have urgent dispatches“.

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The Boats That Built Britain (Special Edition)

For all of you who were interested in the creation of this wonderful and successful BBC documentary series by Tom Cunliffe and Form Films – thank you!

For those who are unfamiliar with Nelson and HMS Victory here is a pop up photo Gordon took a couple of years ago of HMS VictoryVictory_stb_side_e_IMG_1884.JPG

Here is the whole series in case you want to watch it again and again available as a DVD on Amazon price £19.99.


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The pickle puzzles continues…

Had an interesting comment come in recently regarding the much acclaimed marine painting in print as “I have urgent dispatches“, copies  available using PayPal via page

http://www.frickers.co.uk/marine-art/urgent_dispatches.html and on the web site as H.M. Schooner Pickle carrying the news of the battle of Trafalgaurgent_dispatches_in_framed.jpgr.

The gentleman in question wrote:

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HMS Pickle, a new view, Pickle in a Pickle sails again

HMS Pickle, a new yarn to add to the thread of the renowned schooner Pickle of unlikely name and much disputed origins, the Pickle which heroically carried the news of the battle of Trafalgar and the death of Nelson (“Sir, we have won a great victory but we have lost Nelson“) is splendidly illustrated as a Heritage quality, signed numbered edition picture in “I have urgent dispatches“.
We are rarely able to see Gordon Frickers artwork in its final location so this is a treat! Pickle_2010_0815_201114_d.JPG

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