Rajula at Madras

The steam ship ‘Rajula at Madras’, a sturdy classic ship of the British India Steamship Company continues to stir the salt in people’s veins.  Rajula_at_Madras__print_.jpg_wp.jpg

D.M. from Newcastle upon Tyne wrote to me re this much loved and classic ship; “I want to purchase a print”. “I would love a print for my BI collection”. “My Father was a Chief Engineer with BI and sailed with the Rajula in the 1950s”.

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What have Jane Banks and Rajula in common?

Jane Banks was the final running mate of Waterwitch.

With a bit of luck I’ll have a command to publish “Jane Banks entering Bermuda” and another Rajula will “surface”.

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useful facts + excellent stories about Rajula at Madras

Rajula at Madras “Rajula” an introduction


No ship gave longer service to the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd (British India Line) than the Rajula.

Rajula was a Clyde built Ship.

Rajula” was licensed when new, for the enormous total of over 5000 deck passengers.

This original number was easily the largest number of passengers in a single hull under the British flag.

Passengers carried: 30 1st, 30 2nd, 92 3rd, 5113 (later 3622) deck.

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“Rajula” was a most remarkable British India Steam Navigation Company ship, surprising and long lived ship with a very worthwhile career and an excellent reputation.

Built 1926 at Glasgow for the British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd, BI formed in 1856 was one of the largest companies in the British mercantile marine.

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