Robin Knox-Johnston

A salute to a great and modest man, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

If you have not already seen this I can not recommend to highly this entire video which I sailed into by chance this evening.
Robin has been and continues to be a very fine example of a real man, an inspiration world wide to thousands possibly millions including me.
Robin has been a considerable influence in my life.

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A Real Man



Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: A Force of Nature (BBC TV)

Part of the inspiring story of a cool, real man, Robin Knox-Johnston.

Thank you BBC and thank you for posting this exceptional programme.
You may notice one painting appears in this film more than any other?
Robin named the painting “Roaring Forties”.
Roaring Forties, the fine art print
He requested the prints to give you an opportunity to share his adventure, to inspire others, fine art prints on canvas for the look and feel of the real thing are available, co signed by Robin, a numbered edition from my marine web site for a very affordable price.

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Robin Knox-Johnston and a famous marine painting

The famous marine painting “Roaring Forties” is a real piece of marine history, much reproduced by journals when writing about Robin Knox-Johnston and a very collectible limited edition and signed by the yachtsman Sir Robin Knox Johnston.Roaring_Forties_300_pixels.jpg

It was as you may be aware produced specially for and in close collaboration with Britain’s most illustrious yachtsman and master mariner, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

We had a brief, charming compliament recently re the beautiful Heritage quality marine print of “Roaring Forties”, one of those thing which helps make our work feel worth while. 

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The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. Anyone got photos of the BI Chantala?

The British India Steam Navigation Company Ltd. ship Chantala, a marine painting?

I’ve been asked, I would paint the BI ship Chintala”. ~ Chantala ~ I have a phone call coming in later today asking ?

I have painted quite a few BI ships including one for Robin Knox-Johnston who started his amazing career and adventures on Dumra.

You can see examples of my merchant ship marine paintings on web page

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A worthwhile AGM

At the Royal Western Yacht Club, an event that was one of the main reasons I am in Plymouth this week.

Today firmly wearing my marine artist’s hat and bright red sea jacket I attended the British Marine Federation South West AGM and if that sounds dull I can assure you it was not!

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"Roaring Forties", Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – The Story

Robin Knox-Johnston whilst completing the first non-stop single handed circumnavigationof the world with Suhaili – 16 December 1968.

Order your  copy, signed by this superstar of yachting and Gordon Frickers, a numbered Presitige edition,

 from this web site at

Robin Knox- Johnston, with out doubt Britain’s most famous most distinguished living sailor,  has gone on to create a list of formidable achievements not least being 3 times voted “Yachtsman of the year” and being knighted for his public services.

He’s been at it again, age 68, Robin Knox-Johnston sailed in the Velux Five Oceans Race, racing Saga Insurance, his daily blog was  an amusing, fascinating read.

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