Painting Présentation

Marine-Painting, cadre et présentation, being France, first a French lunch meaning from 12,00 to 17,00 !

The lunch being served by our hosts Philippe and Sylvie Bossis at their beautiful mansion.

Lunch starting in classical style with ‘nibbles’, little delicacies each with it’s own distinctive flavour.


Each and every delicious morcele  and this including the ‘Pain Surprise’ which is a bread with each layer made of sandwiches with a different filling.

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The Great Campaign to Save Lives At Sea

Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater, The clipper “Samuel Plimsoll” loading emigrants was painted in memory of a great man, Samuel Plimsoll and is available in print from this web site.  Emigaration__Plymouth_Cattewater_IMG_0644_10.03.11_d.JPG

‘The Sailor’s Friend’, a national hero in his lifetime, first president of the National Union of Seamen and saviour of countless lives as the man who gave his name to the Plimsoll Line.

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The marime painting, Samuel Plimsol, Australia bound, and progress

At last this major marine painting of the Australia bound emigrant ship Samuel Plimsoll is beginning to show the promise intended!

Getting the underlying colours and atmosphere of the painting has been quite a struggle, expensive in time, so far over 100 hours in these two prime marine paintings and materials, a whole tube of cobalt blue for example.SP_14.04.10_IMG_7207_d.jpg

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Snow, moonlight and studio space

More snow today, it has been bitterly cold for the past 3 days with a North wind, the pop up pic opposite shows a car stuck outside my cottage…snow_feb_IMG_6791_wp.jpg

Today’s task is to work on the larger marine painting of the Cattewater, Plymouth by moonlight, a scene showing the  clipper Samuel Plimsoll loading emigrants Australia bound.

The studio space is very limited, I need more space but where and how, any suggestions?

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Plymouth, the Samuel Plimsoll and a big surprise

I am flat out working on new marine art, the largest marine painting will be  a view of Plymouth Sound, the Cattewater including Commercial and Pheonix Wharves , by moon light and intended as a major exhibition piece to be shown at my coming exhibition at the European Parliament then later an exhibition at Plymouth.

This Plymouth scene is not a long story but goes back a long way. Cattewater_IMG_4315_d.jpg

Here is a progress report including sketches to date.

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