Trafalgar and Roscoff

The new signed numbered of edition, “Trafalgar Dawn the French Perspective I am delighted to report, was completed this morning. I literally collected the first copies on my way to Amorique, the Plymouth Roscoff ferry, click on the image to see what we have here.

Alan said, “don’t open them on the ferry, I don’t want you bringing them back” – not likely, excellent!  TD_FP_IMG_1273d.JPG

Once again Adaptgraphics have made a superb job of this new print including the remarque, this will make a thrilling pair when shown with “Trafalgar Dawn the view from H M S Victory” as each picture looks into the other, a true pair.  Trafalgar_Dawn_10.01.08_d.JPG

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Trafalgar and France

Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective.

Today, I have been working mostly on the remarque drawing which will as per the view of “Trafalgar Dawn” from HMS Victory (available as a signed print from page appear in the margin with the ships on the horizon individually named in order; you do remember HMS Victory?Victory_stb_side_e_IMG_1884.JPG

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Trafalgar Dawn, the French perspective

A Pop up photo of the new marine painting Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective is attached here so you can chart the progress. TD_2_progress__MG_0337_d.JPG

A client (and friend)  has written: “It’s pretty exciting isn’t it! Will it likely be framed in the same manner as the original TD Gordon? I’m already looking at the balance of my dining room!!!!!”
He has asked to have print No 1 reserved for him.

This new marine painting Trafalgar Dawn, The French Perspective is intended to become a pair with the renowned Trafalgar Dawn already in print.

Can you guess what else is to be done, how it will look when finished?

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New marine paintings

Trafalgar and Nelson
Trafalgar Dawn 2 has finally started to appear on the canvas!!!

A picture showing the progress will appear on this blog soon.
This new painting will make a pair to go with the now renowned “Trafalgar
“, a view from among the crew onboard HMS Victory at 06.05, Monday the
21st of October 1805 and based on eye witness reports and research.

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Last Monday I crossed the English Channel and now I need a new studio…

I sailed on 19,500 tons of  Brittany Ferries new “Amourique” then stayed my first night near Redon.
I have the keys to a friends house where I often help out while passing through, then eventually found my way back to Itzac in the Tarn, Midi Pyrenees.Geoff_n_Wendy_HouseIMG_5767_wp.jpg
I have been mostly cleaning my house since. How do so many spiders and so much dust get in a closed house ~ and 3 frogs in the bathroom?
The picture of my cottage was taken last year before the house warming but balloons apart the place has not changed much for 50 years and was in 1825 the village forge.Soir_de_la_Fete__ma_maison_IMG_4606_wp.jpg
Yesterday re started painting, a large landscape painting and a marine painting, a new “Trafalgar Dawn”.

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Search and research

Today, I have been looking at several subjects as the current group of paintings is almost complete.

I have the marine painting “Cattewater Plymouth, Australia bound emigrants prepare to board the clipper ship Samuel Plimsoll” 98% finished, here is a detail, I’ll show you this complete major painting on this blog any day noPlymouth_Cattewater__emigrants_bound_for_Australia__detail_IMG_7400_d.jpgw.

I have been looking for good photographs of HM Submarine Unique. I found a link that took me to the Submariners Association only the page was blank.

Or was it? I am reminded of the joke about the model of a stealth ship in a museum, it goes some what like this, “The models were wonderful, so detailed until I got to the Stealth ship, the case was empty… or was it?”

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Marine painting news, Trafalgar, galleries and re sales

Several interesting emails today, all 3 enquiries for marine paintings (not marine prints) about Nelson and Trafalgar.
Curiously this makes 3 enquiries for that sort of painting in the past week…
Seems a bit like the old joke about waiting for buses?Gib_IMG_6777_wp.jpg
Of course, followers of this blog will know, Gordon has a new marine painting on that subject, Nelson at Gibraltar,  in production (hence insert pop up pic here) at this moment and another, a new version of Trafalgar Dawn, almost ready to start.

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A greatful gift

Plymouth Naval History Library staff have been hugely helpful  with my research over many years.

Masterpiece … … Renowned Marine artist has presented a stunning framed print to Plymouth Central Library” recorded The Herald and The Extra, while less helpfully leaving out my web site or contact details.   Herald_13.11.09_d.JPG

I felt is was about time I did some thing more tangible to show my appreciation to the staff at Plymouth Central Library , something they would like.

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Trafalgar Day – Pickle, advertising agencies, TV, and a marine magazine

I can barely keep, up with it!
This is one of those days which reminds me of the debt we owe those who went before us to build our world.
The marine painting “Trafalgar Dawn” still haunts me (available in prints see

I am planning a new piece of marine art, the opposite view.

Today was very 21st century though.

I have had today 3 enquiries about my marine painting which may be of interest and found myself yet again busy with Trafalgar and Admiral Nelson issues.  Pickle__detail_of_signal_2214__Popham__s_code_e.jpg

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