Artist & expertise

Gordon Frickers; this distinguished artist can be found on the internet, is listed in Debrett’s People of Today & Who’s Who or, you may like to ask for a C.V. and biography.

Gordon Frickers has an impressive list of clientele.
He regularly paints for colour normal (trachoma) clients.
He is red/green colour-blind, as defined by the “Ishihara Colour Blindness” test – a deuteranope.

In this series Gordon is interested in researching further into this apparent paradox.
Gordon may have a richer colour experience than a colour normal.
It also lead to a profound personal change.

Gordon Frickers talent with painting, photography & visual communication is part of a team with state of the art hi tech, expertise in e -commerce, web site design, printing & publishing.

Oils are the classic, durable medium.
A European discovery, they offer the artist the widest, most permanent range of colours.
In museums and galleries, they represent most of the world famous pictures.
For people who appreciate the best, this is it!