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Gallery Visit: You can arrange to visit Gordon Frickers Gallery at Laborie, Gaillac in France by appointment via page ‘Contact us

This is THE place to discover paintings by commission, from our galleries, a beautiful range of Heritage prints, acquire a picture today via this site and enjoy it for life.

QUOTE: “I’d love another Frickers painting” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who subsequently commissioned 2 more.

We  honour our contributors were ever appropriate with recognition on relevant pages.

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About our paintings

Paintings are precious in many ways and few gifts increase in value to the recipient in the way a quality paintings will.

Here you can find excellent unusual gifts for special occasions, you can commemorate achievements, illustrate stories in a uniquely impressive way.

Our imagination yours and mine, is the only limit.

One only has to see how fine paintings transform homes, bring models to life in a museum, affect offices or public exhibitions to appreciate the difference.

You are viewing and we hope ordering from one of the very few artists invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (May 2011), a remarkable endorsement.

Pictures of enduring worth for special occasions, many have become family treasures and some, historical documents.

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The unique and distinctive paintings of the versatile Gordon Frickers mark (almost) a life time of passionate involvement and study by an artist of distinction, enjoy.

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Marine Painting

For Marine Commissions or Marine Prints, you are in safe hands with Gordon Frickers.

Gordon Frickers is the first and only marine painter invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, by the chairman of the Transport and Tourism Committee, not a bad endorsement.

A painter first and foremost, the versatile Frickers is noted as reliable, professional, a good team player, experienced and diverse producing work with accuracy, depth, luminosity and immediacy; among other qualities.

Many of the compositions are loaded with emotions, vitality, mysteries.
Frickers sometimes surprising combinations of colours challenge and excite many people in much the same way and for similar reasons as did the unexpected colour combinations of his illustrious predecessors in particular Monet and Degas who had similar colour vision.
As with his first hero of painting, J M W Turner, Frickers choice of subject sometimes enable us to reflect on the great issues of our times.

Brian Simpson MEP wrote “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people.
Frickers is an ambassador today and for future generations for our marine world

Painting of the month

Painting of the month or changing paintings

How to order

You have here the opportunity to commission original art and prints.

The Marine Print Gallery enables you to order any of our prints easily and securely using PayPal

Special orders simply go to “Orders and Payment” on the blue menu bar above and follow the “payment” link from the top of that page, again using the renowned PayPal.

Something for everyone, for every budget, you can buy or commission here works of art ranging from sketches from under fifty pounds to unique master works, paintings from £500 to £35,000.

Insurance / Assurance: If you already own an example of The Art of Gordon Frickers it is worth noting for insurance purposes the average value of The Art of Gordon Frickers has increased by 250% in the last 15 years.
If in doubt use contact us, found above right!

The Art of Gordon FrickersIf you like what you see here, given the limitations of web site reproduction, when you see and handle our originals (if in doubt read ‘appraisals‘ and some of the quotes on the site…) and reproductions we are confident you will quickly appreciate the extraordinary quality of this Art and our comprehensive guarantee.

Gordon Frickers paintings continue to be chosen by famous companies and talented and distinguished people.

This is your chance to order now.

Making a Payment

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Marine Art of Gordon Frickers

Gallery One: Marine Art

Gallery One is described above.

Wine Village Art of Gordon Frickers

Gallery Two: Famous Wine Villages Art

Probably Gallery Two has the widest appeal!

Here you can explore some of the world famous and picturesque French wine villages, producers of some of the world’s finest wines and many a great bargain too, legendary names, St Emilion, Sauternes, St Estephe, Pauillac their districts, wines and people.

Mysterious Landscapes by Gordon Frickers

Gallery Three: Mysterious Landscapes

Mostly painted as experiments, these paintings are full of visual and painterly surprises. Some have distinctly odd qualities reminiscent of our dreams and are much influenced by Turner, Most were painted as experiments and have been so successful quite a few were stolen when Gordon was based at Itzac.

Visions in Colour by Gordon Frickers

Gallery Four: Visions in Colour

These pages show some of the paintings, cartoons and sketches from projects other than the principal categories described above.

The mystery of paintings

Few things make a home or offices look more stylish than very good paintings.
They give rooms intuitive uplift without people even looking at the paintings.
They convey authority and integrity to the rooms in a way which no other furnishings can, challenging the senses and imagination of all who see them.
Fine paintings will arouse conversations, give pleasure and value every time you see them and some times when you just know they are there.

Being rare and individual, fine pictures become treasured heirlooms.
Fine art has consistently proven to be one of the very best investments.

Many satisfied clients! You will hardly ever see Frickers Art at Auction!

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You can contribute appropriate additions to our “further reading” thus become a part of this story, and your name can be credited.

In the future

We are adding new paintings, publishing more text, extending our research, ‘further reading’ and archive information and products.

Gordon Frickers

Photo GF Summer 2011

Gordon Frickers painting   Gordon Frickers painting

Paintings of GF, courtesy Jill Lane & P. Bloch


Sincerely, Gordon Frickers

The time, enthusiasm, professionalism and above all knowledge of many good people has contributed to enrich this unique website.
This would not be possible without their patience and encouragement.

We would like to name you all here, which is not possible so we have taken to crediting on appropriate pages whenever possible.
This column is respectfully and affectionately dedicated to you all, our clients who have made this possible by saying “I’ll buy it” many of who are now also friends, without who’s support none of this would be possible, and in particular:

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thank you all.

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