Carracks, Portuguese, Gironde

 Carracks arriving in the Gironde Estuary from Portugal.

"Carracks, Portuguese, Gironde", 61 x 48 cm (24" x 19"), £1,250 (about $1,600) by Gordon Frickers.

A spirited painting of  Carracks arriving in the Gironde Estuary from Portugal.

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Carrack fleet, carefully researched, this spirited painting is correct right down to the flags and the herald with trumpet.

The cross in various forms was a normal emblem on European ships for many centuries helping identify friend and foe, Christian from Muslim.

Bordeaux wines

In days gone by huge fleets arrived to collect the fine wines of Bordeaux, wines still shipped to every European port, probably every European city and are increasingly, world wide.

Adding to the investment value of this painting, “The Coming of the Cross”, the book cover will be illustrated by this painting.
Following the success of “The Corsair”, now a best seller in Arabic and English (ISBN 978-99921-94-72-0) the publishers have asked to use the same artist for the whole series, that’s me folks.

To discover the finer points of of Carrack Fleet Entering the Gironde see  Further reading

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