Schooner Race

"Schooner Race", 105 x 70 cm (41½" x 27½"), commissioned.

Upon receiving this painting, complete with a hand made frame to my own ‘nautical’ design,  in Florida USA, my client wrote : “Dear Gordon,

I got it safe and sound! The painting is magnificent and stunning. Each aspect of the painting exceeds my expectations.  While your paintings are beautiful to look at over the internet, the actual painting has a warmth that can only be felt by seeing the real thing.

Thanks for a great experience,
P.S. I’ll contact you when we have it installed at the new house. Maybe we can get a Skype session and I’ll give you a tour of its new home. I looked at the flags on the stern and it spells out MQKJ. Any significance?”

My client saw A Dispute Settled on this web site.

He wrote to me saying “I’d love a painting like that one“…

This fine marine painting is the result.

The answer to the above question  : MQKJ is the International code of that period [approximately 1903]  that announced > this vessel is the Cornish schooner ‘Rhoda Mary’ <.

Schooners ‘Rhoda Mary‘, of Falmouth, the ‘Katie Cluett‘, of Fowey with the cutter ‘Mary of Truro‘ ; theirs is a special story, see the link below,  ‘Further Reading’.

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Schooners, Florida
Schooner Race Framed

Completed, framed, packed, ready to take pride of place in my friend’s new home in Florida.

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Further Reading :

see the images and the development of this painting.

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