Cutty Sark Racing Thermopylae, off Krakatoa

Cutty Sark disputing Thermopylae’s title as ‘Cock of the Seas’ .

Cutty Sark & Thermopylae
Cutty Sark & Thermopylae racing, off Krakatoa
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Cutty Sark and Thermopylae, the most famous of the famous tea clippers racing each other off Krakatoa, most famous of all volcanos in the Sunda Straights, South by Java Head.

Cutty Sark Painting

Cutty Sark” as a new ship destined to become the most famous of all the tea clippers, shown here off the most famous of all volcanos, Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait, racing her greatest rival.
I’m very familiar with the Cutty Sark having visited her many times including to show her to my son.
for this painting my principal sources were a model of Cutty Sark I built and still have, an A 1 print of her rigging plan and the fine book by the late Basil Lubbock, “Log of the Cutty Sark.
I have aimed to give an impression of the ‘cloud of sail’ tea clippers could set over their sleek, almost delicate looking hulls.
The lines of Cutty Sark were very similar to the famous “Thermopylae“, a renowned ship she was intended to beat and which claimed to be ‘Cock of the Seas‘.
Regrettably the elegant masterpiece “Thermopylae“, built at Aberdeen, Scotland, by Hood for Thompson’s Aberdeen White Star Line is no longer with us.
Happily the wonderful Cutty Sark is open to the public and you can visit her where she is dry docked at Greenwich, London, England.
Cutty Sark
Cutty Sark Framed

Both these famous ships

finished their working lives under the Portuguese flag.
Sad to report, the beautiful green hull of Thermopylae was eventfully deliberately scuttled.
Happily the elegant Cutty Sark is still with us today, open to the public at Greenwich London, she will give you a memorable few hours.
For several reasons I’ve chosen as our location the Sunda Straights, South by Java Head.
Krakatoa 2, [detail]

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Krakatoa, clippers, detail

A Special Relationship :

I have had a long association with “Cutty Sark” having painted her three times, with the full cooperation of Captain Simon Waite [formally a master with BISNCo] who was then her Captain.

On Cutty Sark with Captain Waite

One version [sold] of Cutty Sark, ‘Last Departure‘ is available as a fine art print on canvas for the look and feel of the original [see Marine Art Prints on this web site].

As the title implies, we see Cutty Sark still ‘in trade’, making her very last departure with a cargo, London via Falmouth for Lisbon.

Last Departure, Fererria ex Cutty Sark [SOLD]
Available as a fine art print.

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