“Last Arrival”

Ferreira” ex “Cutty Sark

"“Last Arrival”", 91 x 61 cm (36" x 24"), original sold, was also available as a signed numbered print on canvas, now sold out.

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‘Ferreira’ after her purchase by Captain and Mrs Dowman from the Portuguese Ferreira & Co.

Here we see the tired old lady after 29 years under the Portuguese flag and with her last commercial voyage over being towed to Falmouth to be restored in Falmouth Docks.

‘Ferreira’ as

an act of love, restored and returned to her original name and appearance, Cutty Sark  became a boys training ship based at Falmouth and was occasionally used as the committee boat for Falmouth and Fowey Regattas.

Ferreira is now permanently dry docked at Greenwich London and open to the public.

See also the splendid painting of “Ferreira’sLast Departure also available as a beautiful print.

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