Barnabas, lugger

Cornish Lugger, ‘Barnabas‘, a very early (approximately 1974) example of my emerging talent so potentially a good investment as my reputation grows.

"Barnabas, lugger", 35 x 23 cm (14" x 9"), £357 (about $450) by Gordon Frickers.

Cornish Lugger, ‘Barnabas’, a very early (approximately 1974) example of my emerging talent so potentially a good investment as my reputation grows.

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The painting :

Painting for an exhibition, such an early example really should be included in a retrospective exhibition of my work and life !

Coincidentally one of the earliest examples of the work of one of my heros, Toulouse Lautrec, is also a ‘lugger painting’.

Luggers were fast, sea worthy, economic, much used by fishermen, smugglers and sometimes by pirates.

The Cornish lugger is a type of sea going vessel or rather the sailing rig on a sea going vessel.

Cornish lugger ‘Barnabas’ has to be one of the most curious entries in the section, for several reasons discussed on the further reading page, see link below.

Luggers where to feature more in my life, in two paintings quite famously.

To capture an ambience of the lugger ‘Barnabas‘, I was sitting in sunshine on a bollard on a quay near Penryn, West Cornwall.

I drew the picture probably in 1974 certainly from life

Lugger ‘Barnabas‘ :

is restored thanks to the Cadbury Trust, she is now over 140 years old and owned by the Cornish Maritime Trust based at the port of Newyln, as a a very rare example of a type of vessel that used to number in the thousands, the Cornish lugger..

This lugger painting is well described in a beautifully written article

” There are some joys to being ‘locked down’! ” by Rob McDowell as he introduces this brief, splendid article entitled “Gordon Frickers : A different Perspective” .
Worthy of your time reading :

Thus to this day my study of the  ‘Barnabas’ remains a charming very early ‘Gordon Frickers’ study, one of the earliest surviving examples of my work and emerging talent. 

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