Tectona & Moyana off the Eddystone – Extra Info

Tectona & Moyana off the Eddystone Tectona was painted some years ago, is now historic in its own right. There is a reference to a film of her held by the National Maritime Museum.

Peter Adams wrote of sailing Tectona “P.S. You know, to step up to that wheel for the first time is an awesome experience, for a kid with a small boat. You know… well, first off, you don’t know how she’s going to respond to the helm. And you don’t want to overcook it. And you look up, and can’t believe how much sail is up there. And how big and old and valuable this thing is. And the bosun is straight out of central casting, with ‘old sea dog’ written all over him; he’s just standing quietly by you, but not on top of you. But you know he’s there, and it makes you feel better. So you relax a bit, and then you can feel her, the size and weight of her, through your feet as she answers to you and you wonder how it can be that you, of all people, can be out here sailing this piece of history. You feel that there must have been a mistake, that you have no right to be doing this at all. Unforgettable.
Favourite spot? Bowsprit, no question. Could have spent the whole watch out there.”

Peter Adams wrote to us after searching the web for Tectona:

“Maybe half a dozen so far, after intense searching. There are passing references to her in a number of places. There are your pictures. But these are buried in a vast ocean of hits for tectona-the tree. 160 thousand pages in fact. So I started with tectona minus forest, then -seedling,-tree,-plantation and so on and got it down but the major aggro is, you’re looking for references to a ‘wood’ or ‘timber’ boat built of ‘teak’ aha ha ha, so you can’t exclude those words, can you? Which leaves you with a lot of trees. Got down to about 500 and then started to go through them page by page. And found your good self. As far as I know, they are the only images of her on the web.

“If anyone knows the story of Tectona” and Moyana before I do – you may care to pass the info to me for others to enjoy possibly contribute to* on the web site?

*this has happened in particular with “Waterwitch” off Gribben Head, Cornwall ” were we have now printed copies for descendants of the original owners and crew. I had another order recently and they wrote “Please feel free to quote anything I have said in praise of your work – and for that matter it extends too to the service you provide. You have been far more helpful than one might reasonably expect, and I for one am very appreciative”.