The Last Buccaneer

The Last Buccaneer, Anson’s HMS Centurion, and the largest treasure ever taken at sea

George Anson’s squadron flagship HMS Centurion, sometimes called “The Last Buccaneer” successfully made her circumnavigation 1740 / 44 and is the only ship in that squardon of nine ships that completed the voyage.

By Gordon Frickers 50 x 81 cm (20″ x 32″), original Sold by the Chester Gallery A E Dutton & Sons. 

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One of my the earlier paintings (sold 1991) and one with a very strong story attached to it, read on, enjoy !

The Last Buccaneer

Hollywood could never write a script to rival Anson’s adventures with HMS Centurion

Detail from Centurion, Commodore George Anson

Anson, George, Commodore, the story of the voyage of Commodore George Anson with H.M.S. Centurion and the squadron reads like fiction even when placed with fiction.

Detail from Centurion, Commodore George Anson

Yet it is a true story, if barely believable.

Detail from Centurion, Commodore George Anson

Anson’s voyage, ask the artist for details for find a copy of ‘Log of the Centurion’ by Leo Heaps.

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Gordon Frickers

is the only marine artist whose paintings to have been honoured by solo invitation to exhibit in the European Parliament May 2011.

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