Frigates, Maidstone v Lion

A frigate action in the Caribbean sea, a scene from the American War of Independence.

"Frigates, Maidstone v Lion", 91 x 61 cm (36" x 24"), this original fine painting was a private commission.

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Detail from Maidstone v Lion

The painting :

A frigate action in the Caribbean during the American War of Independence.

My client’s brief was “I would like a painting of 2 frigates in action, but not one of the well-known actions“.

I found this story in the Naval Chronicle in the excellent Plymouth Naval library on my second attempt …

That library has been closed by Plymouth Council, a great loss to Plymouth’s culture and heritage and probably making this fine, much admired frigate painting all the more valuable.

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Plymouth Naval library was a very fine collection complementing and rivalling Greenwich Maritime Museum with a first class curator.

The first story I found was perfect, even a ballad written, until I checked the times.

It was a night action!

HMS Maidstone :

a British frigate of 28 guns attacked the French frigate “Lion” of 40 bigger guns throwing almost double the weight of  iron compared to the “Maidstone“.

The British frigate was driven off, badly damaged, then…

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