Nelson’s Four Frigates

Nelson’s Frigates, so called because Nelson commanded all four frigates … sort of … briefly …

"Nelson’s Four Frigates", 92 x 51 cm (36" x 20"), £14,000 (about $18,000) by Gordon Frickers.

Of the frigates shown in this painting Nelson commanded all four and there hangs an intriguing story.

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The subject of this as yet unfinished frigate painting is an incident during one of the less well known and yet significant voyages of Horatio Nelson R N.

The frigates shown in this painting, all four, are two frigates French built, two frigates Spanish briefly and were to be briefly all  commanded by Nelson, and there hangs an intriguing story.

Plus, during and in the days following this incident Nelson gave us a demonstration of his leadership and why he still generates so much admiration and love.

Minerve (or Minerva) this name is taken after the goddess, Jupiter’s most astute councillor.

Minerva represents we are told by the ancients, wisdom, war and the liberal arts.

A Frigate Painting :

Four frigates, two Spanish, two French and a moonlit engagement with Nelson in command?

What made Horatio Nelson the most famous admiral in history?

Nelson’s Frigates, this new painting will soon be a worthy addition to my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series.

There is no better example of the qualities that made Nelson’s reputation than his cruise in the frigate ‘Minerve’ which within days of sailing from Gibraltar included this desperate action.

And yet, surprisingly, very few of the hundreds of books on this subject mention this action during Nelson’s voyage with the frigate ‘Minerve’.

When ‘Nelson’s Frigates’ is complete, soon, I’ll tell you this story via a new page attached to my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series website page.

Twenty first of October

is the anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.

Many of the paintings in this series are available including this new painting, ‘‘Nelson’s Frigates’.

This painting reminds us of a significant moment during the voyages of Horatio Nelson R. N.

Leadership :

This was also a voyage that illustrates very well why Nelson became such an effective leader, commander and much loved hero.

As this painting develops I’ll tell you more about the moment illustrated here, the painting and the historical event.

Looking for the emerging 21 st century new masters of marine art?

You have found one here.

Nelson's Frigates, a detail
Nelson’s four frigates, each detail as photographed is twice life size.

Any reputable gallery should be delighted to offer you a painting of this quality for this price…

Nelson's four frigates, a detail
Nelson’s four frigates, a detail

A frigate

painting bound to become a classic painting with its combination of masterful painting and a timeless subject, the ‘Immortal’ Nelson.

Nelson's four frigates, a detail twice life size
Nelson’s four frigates, each is detail twice life size

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Gordon Frickers is widely considered a master of spectacular painting.

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