Hermione, Surprise !

Hermione painting, the superb replica  of the Frégate de la liberté.

"Hermione, Surprise !", 120 x 75 cm (47" x 29½"), £3,775 (about €4,500) by Gordon Frickers.

Hermione paintings, the frigate of Lafayette, the frigate of Liberty !

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Hermione maritime paintiings
Hermione Surprise, a detail
Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail.

Hermione paintings

Maritime paintings, this is the second Hermione painting I have created.

Having painted a scene with the original ‘Hermione’ this piece makes a modern running mate, a pair if you like each representing a different aspect of the story of Hermione.

Hermione is a huge success

The building of the new Hermione (pronounced in southern English, Her’me’on) took 18 years, as part of a project instigated soon after World War 2, to revitalise a former arsenal town, devastated by the Germans when they withdrew in 1944.

Further reading explaing the values of ‘Herminone Surprise’.

This second ‘Further Reading (2) ‘ link helps you discover the values of the other Hermione painting, the impressive ‘Hermione, French Frigate, and the story of the original French Frigate Hermione, her place in history.

Hermione the replica is a near exact copy with allowance made for modern ‘safety requirements’, auxiliary engine etc.

Hermione painting detail
Hermione surprise detail, frigate of liberty.

Gordon Frickers marine artist

Gordon Frickers is the only marine artist whose paintings to have been honoured by solo invitation to exhibit in the European Parliament (May 2011).

Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

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