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Hermione a fine maritime painting of the replica  ‘frigate of France’, a worthy new addition to my  ‘Nelson and Trafalgar’ series.

Hermione frigate
Hermione surprise frigate of liberty

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120 x 76 cm (30″ x 47.25″) this is a marine painting of the replica French frigate “Hermione“, as superbly built at Rochefort sur Mere near la Rochelle, western France.

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Gordon Frickers marine artist

Gordon Frickers is the only marine artist whose paintings to have been honoured by solo invitation to exhibit in the European Parliament (May 2011).

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Hermione maritime paintings

This painting is inspired by the ship, the Hermione project and the extensive tour I was generously given by the lady who was head of public relations for the Hermione project.

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail.

I have in every technical respect endeavoured to accurately portray the Hermione replica in this painting just as I’ve worked to be faithful to the original Hermione in my other painting.

Hermione maritime paintiings
Hermione Surprise, a detail

I also had in mind a scene from the now classic film “Master and Commander”, The Far Side of the World Film by Director. Peter Weir, released in 2003.

Sea fog has long fascinated me as an artist, as a working seaman and as a racing sailor.

Hermione paintings
Hermione Surprise, a detail

I have painted the subtleties of mysterious fog many times, sometimes on location.

Hermione paintings
Hermione Surprise, a detail

Several of those experimental location paintings of fog can be viewed elsewhere on the website.

The inspiration for this painting was an opportunity to put those foggy experiences into practice.

This is the second maritime painting of Hermione that I have created and the following text is designed to help you appreciate the value of this painting..

Having painted a scene with the original ‘Hermione’ this piece makes a modern running mate, a pair if you like each representing a different aspect of the story of Hermione.

About Hermione.

Hermione is a huge success in many ways.

Hermione paintings
Hermione Surprise, a salty detail

Both the original Concord class frigate of 1779 and today’s magnificent replica frigate have been completed at l’Arsenal, Rochefort sur mer near La Rochelle, western France.

Hermione attracted artisans from all over Europe, millions of visitors and world wide publicity for Rochefort sur mer, revitalising what was the dying town and it is possible to go to sea as a volunteer crew on board Hermione.

The building of the new Hermione (pronounced in southern English, Her’me’on) took 18 years as part of a project instigated soon after World War 2.

The intention was and is to revitalise the former arsenal town which had been devastated by the Germans when they withdrew in 1944.

The Germans burnt the old arsenal to it’s foundations.

All has been lovingly, sensitively restored and the project aspirations fully realised to the immense benefit of the town and its people.

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail

Gordon Frickers, © copyright 22 June 2023.

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Hermione maritime paintiings
Hermione Surprise, a detail

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