Hermione, Surprise !

Hermione paintings, here is a maritime painting of the beautiful replica frigate of France and the frigate of Liberty.

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise the maritime painting.

"Hermione, Surprise !", 120 x 76 cm (47" x 30"), £3,775 (about $4,800) by Gordon Frickers.

Hermione paintings, , Maritime paintings, the beautiful replica frigate of France, the frigate of Liberty, a worthy addition to my ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Paintings’.

You can buy your investment here easily, safely, £ bank to bank or by credit card Purchase Now via Paypal in any currency or in instalments by arrangement contact us.

“Surprise!” no, this is a maritime painting of the beautifully built replica frigate Hermione, the frigate of Lafayette, the frigate of Liberty.

if you like what you see here you will love the painting, guaranteed !

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Hermione Surprise

This splendid maritime painting is a marine painting resulting from my ‘wearing’ three hats, painter, photo-journalist and boat builder.

Hermione maritime paintiings
Hermione Surprise, a detail

I visited the yard during Hermione’s construction to a warm welcome and be given a generous and thorough VIP tour by the lady who was head of publicity.

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail

Hermione, this splendid replica frigate is based at Rochefort sur mer (sometimes called Rochefort Océan) so see and enjoy the hyperlink below for details.

Hermione goes to sea most summers and it’s possible to crew her.

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail

Hermione Surprise

Hermione and her building of is part government funded for over an 18 year period as intending to revive the fortunes of the dying town which is successfully achieved thus as such can be a role model for other towns and cities

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Hermione ship and quay visits are free, a guided tour is available, see https://fregate-hermione.com/visiter-lhermione/offres-de-visites/

Hermione maritime paintings
Hermione Surprise, an enlarged detail

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