“The Death of Nelson, a French marksman’s view” – Extra Info

"The Death of Nelson, a French marksman's view" Partly because of his European experiences in Paris, Madrid, Brest, San Sebastian and Cadiz Gordon Frickers feels it worthwhile and good publicity for all concerned to show Nelson’s death from the sharpshooter’s perspective, staring down the barrel of the fateful weapon of a man who himself was almost certainly killed soon after this moment.

The incident is well documented.
We know were the fateful shot came from, what was happening and even have Nelson’s jacket and shirt with the bullet hole and bullet at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich London.
What we don’t know is anything definite about the person who fired the shot during Nelson’s “pell mell” battle and who almost certainly gave his own life.


Nelson had a strong sense of destiny and may have expected to die.
By his own account Trafalgar was to be his 104th action.

Nelson was not a big target.
Nelson was a man who led by example.
Nelson refused that day to command from any ship other than “Victory” and refused to allow any other ship to lead the Nelson’s column.
He even refused to wear less conspicuous clothes.
Captain Blackwood of the frigate Euraylus, a great personal friend of Nelson was with Nelson as Victory sailed into action and said he found Nelson in good and calm spirits, pre occupied with the movements of the Allies, and the probable results of his own plan of attack.


Most of the research for the painting has been completed.