Trafalgar Messenger, HMS Pickle

The Trafalgar Messenger“, HMS Pickle, and the making of a Cornish legend.

Trafalgar dispatch
Trafalgar Messenger

"Trafalgar Messenger, HMS Pickle", 61 x 46 cm (24" x 18"), £7,750 (about $10,000) by Gordon Frickers.

Trafalgar Dispatch is a Gordon Frickers marine painting of HMS Pickle, in Mounts Bay in close proximity to three Cornish fishing boats.

One of “The Nelson and Trafalgar Series of Paintings”.

Trafalgar Messenger,

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A Cornish legend & Communication

HMS Pickle was in a hurry, she has all possible sail set; she had Admiral Collingwood’s official Trafalgar dispatch aboard.

  • We know from HMS Pickle‘s log book, she had all possible sail set as she approached The Lizard Point, the most Southerly mainland of the British Isles. 
  • The Trafalgar Dispatch is news that is going to stun the British nation.
  • HMS Pickle as shown here includes details never seen before, only recently discovered by myself and the redoubtable Mr. Peter Goodwin.
  • Pickle’s crew, in the early morning light, spoke with Cornish fishermen thus inadvertently attached a legend to Pickles story … on the 4 th of November 1805.
Trafalgar dispatch
Trafalgar Messenger detail 1,

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Trafalgar Messenger, a detail

 Pickle Night:

The ‘Pickle Night’ date is still celebrated in the Royal Navy, the New York Yacht Club and many other places

Fish Quay, Falmouth
Fish Quay, Falmouth

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Mounts Bay
Trafalgar Messenger, a detail

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Detail of HMS Pickle, from a painting probably overseen by the commander of HMS Pickle
Detail of HMS Pickle by Robert Dodd, from a painting probably overseen by the commander of HMS Pickle. Note the very unusual ‘go fast’ tapered black line in the yellow band…