Plymouth, Emigration

Emigration Plymouth, between 1815 and 1914, over 430,000 people left via Plymouth as emigrants, most of them via this Wharf.

"Plymouth, Emigration", 122 x 76 cm (48" x 30"), £11,775 (about $15,000) by Gordon Frickers. Also available as a print from our print page.

Maritime Plymouth paintings, , between 1815 and 1914, over 430,000 people left as emigrants, most of them via this Wharf.

This painting was one of my 35 chosen for exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels.

Emigration, finishing touches, Fine Art by Gordon Frickers.

Some paintings will always have a value, this is one of them.

The famous clipper, ‘Samuel Plimsol‘ is preparing to make sail from Plymouth, Devon, England, outward bound for South Australia.

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Many distinguished people and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

Frickers paintings have been exhibited at many venues in Britain and Europe including by invitation for a one man show in the European Parliament.

Frickers art has been and is the choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies.

Emigration Plymouth, some background.

Emigration, Plymouth is meticulously researched and set in the year 1881.

One does not have to be an art critic to instinctively feel the artist has a poetic and complete understanding of the nucleus of the moment.

Plymouth photographs
Plymouth Phoenix Wharf year 2011.

How very many famous voyages began there, how many lives were reborn at the time when  Plymouth had the best organised emigration depot in Britain?

E U Parliament exhibition, marine paintings at Brussels
British Artist at the E U Parliament, gets the vote at Brussels.

‘Emigration Plymouth’ and the painting’s story tells us an inspirational history relevant to our world today .

You can discover this surprising story by following this the link below to further reading.

The citizens of Plymouth

There is a long and honourable history of assisting migrants on passage so during the 1840’s the depot buildings were developed into by far the best migrant depot in the kingdom.

drawing of Plymouth Emigration depot
An early drawing of Plymouth Emigration depot

This in turn lead me to decide to reconstruct the old depot much as it would have looked in it’s heydays.

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