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Fowey harbour approaches, from a study made on location during a strong South Westerly gale.

Shipping movements off Fowey in a gale

50 x 81 cm, [20″ x 32″], long since sold for £500.

You two can acquire or commission a similar painting.

Many distinguished people

and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings as you can discover why by reading my résumée.

A right bloody mess“… How that came to be is a funny story in it’s self.

People usually ask me to paint detail and yet the risks I took that day, the freedom and fluidity of this painting is I feel more representative of my natural character.

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As I write here

A stormy day in Brittany, as the wind howls and moans in the rain swept greyness outside, my fireplace gently crackles with warmth and i am reminded of painting on location at the port of Fowey in Cornwall.

I painted this oil sketch which I still have, on location while sheltering in the ruins of the Polruan Block House.
The old tower was built to help hold a chain barrier across the harbour mouth.

Shipping movements off Fowey in a gale detail 1

One of my earlier efforts, I produced and sold a series of paintings based upon my location oil sketch made back in the 1980’s, “Gale off Fowey, shipping movements”.

Shipping movements off Fowey in a gale detail 2

This painting was one of those developed from the location sketch made during the gale in happier days when I lived near Fowey [pronounced Foy as in Toy, hoy or boy].

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No fish

An amusing aside, I am wet and cold despite my ‘oilskins and thermals’ as I work on my oil sketch study.

I am semi sheltered in the ruins of the old Polruan Block House originally built to house the east end of the chain barrier which in medieval times could bar hostile shipping from the Port of Fowey.

Fowey, Gale
Strong gale an oil painting made on location.

An angler who had been fully exposed to the gale and had enough of fishing near me came over and  looked at my ‘Turneresque’ sketch.

After several seconds of examination he pronounced, “you’ve made a right bloody mess of that then”.

Who had the last laugh?
I went home with a study from which I made a painting that I sold for £500… a good price back in 1985.

I sold several other coastal scenes based on the original sketch which I still have here in my store room.

He went home with no fish.

I’ll add a more bit of that in the book I’ve been asked to write about my work and life.

Of my painting ‘heroes’ the greatest most pioneering of them all remains J M W Turner who more than any other painter has inspired my life’s calling.

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