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Fate of a Fishing FleetThis painting has been sold to a gentleman of Mississippi, USA for £2,000.

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To the date of the last update on this page [see below] only one painting in this remarkable series remains unsold, “The Boat Breakers”.

Hooe Lake, Plymouth.
The Boat Breakers of Plymouth ,

Hooe lake off the tidal River Plym was also known formerly and with good reason as dolphin lake.
From here, gunpowder was produced for the fleet and for mining in days gone by.
Much of the stone for Plymouth Breakwater came from the Hooe Lake quarries.

The granite was transported on sailing barges specially adapted for roll on roll off wagons loaded with stone for dumping at sea.

More recently the lake became a dumping ground for local small ships, tugs, Tamar sailing barges and various fishing boats including a Scottish “Zulu” and a French “Tuna” boat, MTB’s and other derelict craft were abandoned to revert to nature.

The old frames of the Tamar river sailing barge “Alfred” can still be seen there today.

Near the artist’s garden, Gordon Frickers spent 2 weeks working around the lake, during a cold February in full polar suite recording some of these old craft before the council had them and the old railway bridge demolished on the alleged grounds they were a health hazard.

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