Paintings of Plymouth, the Emigration Depot

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Plymouth, painting a forgotten history Plymouth citizens can be proud of.

Migration, emigration
Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot

This painting is in effect, a preliminary study for my larger more grand painting ‘Plymouth Emigration‘.

"Paintings of Plymouth, the Emigration Depot", 63 x 38 cm (25" x 15"), £1,500 (about $1,900) by Gordon Frickers.

Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot a lost history, an extensively researched painting, one Plymouth should celebrate and be proud of.

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Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot

Plymouth emigration is famous as the departure point of Mayflower with the Pilgrim Fathers and yet that is but one day in a very long history.
Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot
Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot , a detail.

Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot, there was a time when the Plymouth Emigrations depot was the best in all Britain.

Today almost nothing remains of what was formally made by the citizens of Plymouth into the best and one of the busiest emigration depots in all the land.
When the first migrants arrived to tread this shore, likely in the early Stone Age the site was a sand and gravel beach and would have been a great spot for fishing.

Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot began with a poetic idea that soon turned into this preparatory painting  as exhibited at the European Parliament, Brussels May 2011.

More recently, 2023, I decided I could mature this sketch into the timeless painting you see illustrated here for your enjoyment here.

Paintings of Plymouth
Painting Plymouth Emigration Depot, a detail

The research in Plymouth.

My thanks go to my good friend and ardent Plymothian the late Bob Brennan and thanks to the world class but now disbanded Plymouth Naval Reference Library, now reduced to being part of Plymouth Central Library.

For a full list of sources see ‘Research’ on the ‘Plymouth Emigration‘ page.

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Detail from Plymouth Emigration Depot

The purpose of this study was the help establish the tonal and colour values for the ‘full on’ Emigration, Plymouth Cattewater.

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