Plymouth, Me 109 Raiders

The Battle of Cawsand Bay, painting of the ME 109’s  attack  shipping at Plymouth, England.

"Plymouth, Me 109 Raiders", 81 x 53 cm (32" x 21"), sold.

The true story of the only Luftwaffe Tip and Run raid on Plymouth Sound.

I visited the location, i place I know well,  several times to ensure meticulous accuracy.

Painted in 2014 as a book cover for the author David J.B. Smith who wrote on the 04 March 2014 “The painting looks absolutely fantastic with all the detail picked out“.

Now (15.09.2018) part of a video, gripping, short n sweet, to the point.

The Battle of Cawsand Bay :

I feel privileged to know my name is added to a part of #Plymouthistory.

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This painting neatly puts numerous scattered pieces of the video into the context of the day, place, hour, minute of what actually happened illustrating this piece of #Plymouthhistory.

How and What

The design is mine, most of the information supplied by Dave Smith as was the historical information in the text that follows with

Further reading:

Background history, images and the development of this painting.

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You have found it here with The Battle of Cawsand Bay.

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Author David Smith and I  worked closely together to ensure the details are as historically accurate as the most detailed research can produce.

As you can see, Dave is a very good researcher, his books are lively reads, recommended.

David Smith’s previous book ‘Being Silent They a Speak‘ became an Amazon best seller.

David J.B. Smith & Gordon Frickers
David J.B. Smith & Gordon Frickers
Plymouth Sound attack, 1942 (detail)
Plymouth Sound attack, 1942 (detail)

The number in blue, 8 on our Bf 109 is correct.

My own Admiralty Chart of Plymouth Sound was also very useful.

Looking for the new masters of the 21 st century, the very best in modern painting investments? You have found it here.

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