Flying Scotsman & Saltash

Flying Scotsman and Brunel’s Bridge.

Flying Scotsman a painting of the world’s most famous steam engine with the world’s most famous coaches.

Steam train paintings
Flying Scotsman & Brunel’s famous bridge

painting by Gordon Frickers, measures 91 x 51 cm (20″ x 36″), available £3,257.

Standard size print of “Flying Scotsman and Brunel’s Bridge
image size: 50 x 26 cm (19½” x 10″).

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Many distinguished people and renowned companies chose Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

Frickers paintings have been exhibited at many venues in Britain and Europe including by invitation a one man show in the European Parliament.

Flying Scotsman

The Flying Scotsman hardly needs introduction as it’s much celebrated on the internet.

Flying Scotsman painting detail 2

Flying Scotsman is an engineering masterpiece so is The Royal Albert Bridge, a masterpieces of its age built by the famous engineer I K Brunel for The Great Western Railway.

This is his ‘Royal Albert Bridge’.

Minor ports like Saltash, Cornwall on the river Tamar were formerly places of some importance.

Saltash the port

Saltash is a stopping point for yachts and trade on the 35 km long navigable part of the river Tamar.

A ferry operated prior to the road bridge by royal warrant as a gateway to and from the ‘granite kingdom’ of Cornwall.

Saltash today is less a departure point for hinterland exports and formerly a thriving place of ship and boat building, more a pleasant suburb of Plymouth.

Flying Scotsman painting detail 3

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