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Ships, maritime and marine paintings, liners, cruise ships, working merchant ships this page introduces the best know speciality of Gordon Frickers.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, “I would love another Frickers painting” says Britain’s most famous living sailor, former British India Steam Navigation Company graduate and Master Mariner; ( he has three).

  • Thinking about a painting?
  • As you see here, I have plenty of experience of painting commercial shipping, payments are usually in easy instalments, I can even advise on your painting as a business expense.
  • Your commissions could not be in better hands, with a track record of art work being delivered on time and in budget, you can safely choose Gordon Frickers, artist, sea man, a very experienced painter of commercial shipping.
  • Your specifications and budget are quickly sorted by phone or email.
  • If required we can produce an appropriate contract to confirm our agreement.

You want to order? Go to or phone (France) 0033 6 10 66 19 26 .

A splendid recommendation .

Mr. T.C. Hart, Managing Director of Coe Metcalf Shipping Ltd was presented by British Telecom Marine in appreciation of the excellent work. He wrote about “The Cable Ship “Nexus” on the Mersey”.

The composition and the quality of your painting is quite simply stunning and has deeply impressed everyone who has seen it. The detail, lighting and colours deserve particular attention; the inclusion of another CMS vessel in the background is a delightful touch as is the choice of venue“.

If you appreciate and are looking for the best in marine painting you have found it here.


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