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By Gordon Frickers 35 x 46 cm (14″ x 18″)

Life on the Ocean Wave” my marine paintings Exhibition at and by invitation in the European Parliament, Brussels May 2011, this painting was included.

This fine marine #painting is available, £ 1,250.00, also available as a signed print from £167.00 from the Marine Art Prints  page and includes postage.


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The painting:

the location is the Black Deep Channel, #ThamesEstuary,  S.B. #Cambria and M.V. #RiverTrader of Armac Marine exchange greetings.

The painting was requested by Armac Marine who’s typical modern motor ‘coaster’ appears in this painting.

The directors wished to have made a short run of fine art prints.

Thus I have the original here which is as I write it is available, yours for £/1250.00, your purchase payments may be in instalment.


The location :

Here is the splendidly named “Black Deep Channel” of the London River Thames estuary.

We have many stories attached to the Black Deep including it may be the last resting place of the 2 Plantagenet princes alleged to have been imprisoned and murdered in the Tower of London…


What we can be sure of is many famous keels have floated over those waters including as painted by WMJ Turner, The Fighting Temeraire, tugged to her last berth to be broken up, 1838  and including many sturdy Thames sailing barges.

Over 2000 Thames Sailing Barges  were operational on the river Thames and East Coast of England at the beginning of the 20th century.


Personal :

For me as one who grew up and learned his basic seamanship from Thames barge men the inclusion of S B Cambria is personal.

Those men hard and often hearty, who worked the rivers and hazardous East coast of England were the last Britons to carry cargo under sail without engines, and they taught me attitudes to the sea and my basic seamanship

After WW2 you could buy a Thames Sailing Barge for £5.00; no one wanted them although the ground tackle alone was worth more than £5.00 .

Back in the 1960’s our creeks were literally overcrowded with discarded TSB’s, schooners, brigs and ketches …


I helped try to save the TSB British Empire, to no avail.

We, our children, and our descendants shall not see their like again.

It’s one of the reasons I painted “New and Old” although that story is on my web site, maybe for another time…


Credit where it is due:
Our particular thanks to Barry Pickthall (Pickthall Picture Library) and author, journalist and sailor Sam Llewellyn for the inspiration and to Basil Brambleby secretary of the Cambria Trust and Tim Lowery of Armac Marine.

Also my friends at the UK Hydrographic Office at Taunton and Trinity House London who made sure my ships are in Black Deep and not sitting on a sand bank.
All helped enormously and willingly, giving authority to this painting “New and Old“.


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